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Global Service Adventures is the Education Travel division of Wanderlust Adventures Ltd. and has over 20 years of combined experience working with student youth & travel. We are a group of dynamic individuals who live and work in Jamaica and have formed deep relationships with local experts and community leaders. 

GSA is a trusted name in cultural exchange, sports tours, and adventure travel for those looking to have an authentic international experience. Whether you are seeking something traditional or modern we can provide it! In addition, we have extensive experience in community service working with high and middle school students ages 13 -18 dating back to 1999. 

GSA has a long history of developing community service programs with deep experiential learning in mind. Our goal is to build new programs in the Caribbean to transmit our energy and passion for creating sustainable social change.

Participants on Global Service Adventures programs:


historic and natural sites in different locations


the local culture, norms, and history


the community through meaningful & sustainable volunteer projects

What we strive for

Our mission & Values

Global Service Adventures empowers young travelers to broaden their worldview, transforming them into global citizens seeking social change in the communities they visit.


Curiosity is the thirst for knowledge that drives us to explore and learn more about our world.


Humility is a virtue that can make you more humble than anyone else. When we recognize our own fallibility, it humbles us and makes room for growth in all aspects of life - especially relationships with others!


Independence is the ability to be motivated, make decisions and act without being told what needs doing.


With self-awareness comes a new level of understanding, one that can help people grow and mature in all aspects.


Compassion is the foundation of a desire to enact social change. It's an intangible quality, but it can be seen in your actions and words when you care about others more than yourself.


The quality of character that refuses to give up when things get tough.


The ability to work with people of various cultural backgrounds and perspectives, as well as the capacity for collaboration in intercultural groups.

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