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Code of Conduct

Global Service Adventures offers amazing trips and programs. Our professional and friendly staff, wide range of activities, authentic local cuisine, and thrilling adventures make us stand out. Most importantly, we understand how life-changing these experiences can be.

One of the best things about traveling with us will be meeting people from all sorts of different cultures. This is a great opportunity to learn about different parts of the world and make new friends. However, it’s important to keep in mind that everyone comes from different backgrounds, with different beliefs and experiences. So it’s important that all participants understands the behavioral standards, rules, and expectations that guide all GSA programs.

The following list of code of conduct is not complete, so it is important to understand the goal of the document. The goal is to set clear expectations for all participants.


  1. Participants under the age of 21 can not possess or consume alcoholic beverages.
  2. Excessive drinking by adults 21 years or older is not allowed and will result in removal from the program
  3. No sexual activity: It is expected that you will not engage in any sexual activity. This includes but isn’t limited to kissing or touching anyone without their consent.
  4. Pairing off or “coupling” of participants:It is important that students do not pair off or “couple” with each other. This can divide the group and cause tension.
  5. Equally important is the effect on the group of pairing off or “coupling” students.  This behavior often divides the group and can create tension amongst the team. 
  6. Firearms, fireworks , knives and tobacco:Participants are not allowed to possess or use these weapons
  7. Attentive, respectful and responsive:Participants should be attentive, respectful and responsive to all fellow program participants,chaperones and staff. 
  8. Participate fully in all programs: Participants should stay with their group and not leave without permission.
  9. Punctuality/Flexibility:It is important for everyone to be punctual in order to keep things running smoothly. 
  10. What is included vs not included in the tuition:It is important to review the itinerary and ask questions if you need clarity on what’s included vs not included in your tuition.
  11. Accommodation Etiquette:Participants are expected to behave in a well-mannered, respectful way both inside and outside of accommodations. Any damages incurred is the financial responsibility of each individual participant
  12. Participants are expected to behave in a well-mannered, respectful way in all accommodations. Any damage incurred is the financial responsibility of the participant
  13. Discourteous or Disruptive Behavior: Discourteous or disruptive behavior is not allowed. Participants must be courteous and respectful at all times.
  14. Safety and security: All participants must agree to follow the safety instructions issued by trip staff. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep themselves and others safe.
  15. Free time.You should always be with at least one other person during free time.
  16. No introduction of strangers: No one should invite a stranger to visit the accommodation,or introduce them into the group.
  17. Feedback/Expectations:  GSA staff need your help to make sure that this trip goes well for everyone. If you have any problems during the trip, contact us immediately to fix the issue. 
  18. Dress Code: You will be given a list of suggested items to bring. Please do not wear clothing that is too revealing or could cause negative attention
  19. Participants under 18 are not to leave their accommodations without a chaperone
  20. Violations of local laws will not be tolerated: Participants who violate local laws will be immediately turned over  to the appropriate legal authorities for prosecution.
  21. Participants are required to follow all instructions given by the /Program Leader, staff and chaperones.


If you do not follow this code of conduct, or if your presence on the trip cause problems for the group, you will be removed from the trip and sent home at your parent’s expense.

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