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Co-founder/ Director Summer Programs

Maureen is passionate about travel and working with youth. As summer camp director, she believes that every teen has the potential to make a difference in the world. Her mission is to provide life-changing service and cultural immersion experiences for youth.

Her vision of providing impactful experiences for youth led the founding of Jamaica Youth Development Foundation to provide scholarships for soccer and basketball players from underserved communities to US universities. Later she created Jamaica Volunteer Programs for study abroad, gap year, and service learning. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Maureen reinvented herself as a Life Coach. Now she helps young people design their future life for success.

Today, Maureen is happy that her son, Omar is carrying on her legacy. He is continuing the work of helping youth become future leaders. As the co-founder of GSA and director of Summer programs, she is looking forward to working with you and your teen. 


Co-founder & Director of Operations

Growing up in the tourism industry, it’s no surprise that Omar knows international travel well. He has been part of several youth and travel programs for over 17 years now! As co-founder & Program Director at Global Service Adventures (GSA), he wants travelers to have an authentic experience they will never forget 

He’s not only traveled extensively but also worked on several summer programs which gave him valuable insight into what it takes to run a successful company that promotes global tourism initiatives while providing authentic experiences abroad!

 He is very dedicated to community-based tourism. This is clear when you hear him speak passionately about what goes into every detail during planning sessions or field trips. He believes that your experience should not only be good, but also that you should leave having done something worthwhile behind too!

Like many active parents, Omar has two beautiful daughters and loves spending time with them. He also adores his adorable dogs!

program advisor

When you’re ready to take your next step, let Sasha be there. Her client management background is apparent in how she seamlessly helps match interests and skills with the best program for YOU!

program manager 

Meet Kayla, a writer and Trip Leader from New York who moved back to Jamaica in 2014. She loves everything about Jamaica and wants to share its beauty with others. Kayla travels to explore the mountains, dive into the ocean, and discover street art. She brings the warmth, music, food, and culture of Jamaica to life. Join her on a journey to uncover the magic of this amazing country!

program leaders


Kahlil Wyche is an accomplished serial entrepreneur, local marketing expert, and social media specialist with more than a decade of experience in the field. As the founder of Catering To Your Whims, Inc. & KGW Enterprises LLC, he leverages his diverse background in marketing, sales, and business acumen to create a platform for professionals to promote their work, share their expertise, and connect with consumers.


Llewelyn is a trained Marine Biologist and Fisheries Specialist who studied at the University of the West Indies. Additionally, he is trained and certified as a PADI Open Water SCUBA Instructor and Dive Emergency Management Provider.


Jaedon is a trained Marine Biologist, having received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of the West Indies in 2013 and is a certified PADI Open Water SCUBA Instructor. He has been an integral part of a marine biodiversity initiative.

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