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How a Mother And Son Partnership developed and a legacy lives on

In 2011 Omar Evans decided to take the plunge and join his mother in her Educational Travel business. He grew up in this business and developed a passion for it.

Omar had his visions of how the business should grow and often shared them with his mom. She did not share these visions and a struggle began. In frustration, Omar started his own Education Travel company. As each business grew and struggled, Omar started looking at his mother’s story and the legacy he could carry on. Guided by this, he approached his mother again to join forces in a mother-son entrepreneurial team.

As Omar recalled, his mother, Maureen, was raised in rural Port Antonio, Jamaica amidst a background of poverty and hardship; her single mother was a cook for one of the popular coastal guest houses and struggled to make ends meet. However, she was devoted to her only daughter’s welfare.

One day, a Canadian tourist couple noticed a young 11-year-old Maureen playing on the beach and they chatted with her about her beautiful island Jamaica. They were so impressed with her knowledge, spirit, and obvious passion for her country that they wanted to adopt her. They approached Maureen’s mother who they eventually found out was their cook with the idea, but their proposal was denied. 

Because they wanted to help her, they insisted on funding her education; putting her through school and helping with necessary supplies. Sadly, when Maureen turned 16 years old, her mother passed away. As Maureen was a gifted athlete, her school gave her a scholarship to continue her education. Along with the help of the Canadian couple, she was able to get the funds to finish school and then college. That, for Maureen, was a significant gift of giving – and one she has never forgotten. It later became the foundation of her purpose in giving back to people, communities, and society.

This same spirit continues in her son, Omar, who lives every day appreciating the gift that changed his mother’s life. His driving force is now inspiring others to carry out the same legacy – the gift of giving and thanksgiving.

Today, if you happen to call or visit the business and you hear “Hey Mom” it might just be coming from Omar. This dynamic mother-son team has taken an unconventional path to ownership of their small business. With Maureen’s experience and Omar’s youth both have flourished in the summer service adventure and educational travel market. Now with their natural ability to connect with their customers, they are ready to go further and expand in the Caribbean.

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