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A performance tour to Jamaica is a fantastic opportunity for artists of all disciplines to experience the vibrant culture of this Caribbean country. Participants will get to perform at various local venues and participate in performances. Additionally, participants will be able to interact with local students through cultural exchanges, visit historical sites and learn about the country’s unique history. A performance tour to Jamaica is an unforgettable experience that provides young artists with an enriched understanding of Jamaican society and the value of the arts across the culture.


Have you ever dreamed of taking your dance performance show on the road? With Global Service Adventures that dream can become a reality. Let us customize an international tour filled with all sorts of incredible performances – from parades to Salsa, Ballet recitals, Belly Dance and Hip-Hop. We’ll help introduce the world to your talent and artistry like never before.


Embrace the opportunity to travel and showcase your theatrical talents on a global stage! Join an international troupe for riveting performances, exchange knowledge with local actors in workshops, or explore amazing shows from across the Caribbean.


Come join us on a journey exploring the beautiful Caribbean. Compete and perform around paradise sites from the Bahamas to Trinidad & Tobago. We’ll create memories that will last forever – don’t miss this opportunity.


Singers and performers, don’t be shy – we want to hear your beautiful voices! Take the stage at a local theater or church for all of us to enjoy. You can also record in a professional studio setting or collaborate with other schools through an exciting performance exchange! Join the fun today.


Join us and show off your talents in front of a live audience. From theme parks and public venues, to exchange concerts with local schools – as well as recording at professional studios – it’s time for you to make your mark on the world.


Unleash your students’ creative potential and help them discover their passions with a masterclass or workshop in choir, dance, music or theater. They’ll have the honor of learning from leading industry professionals who can offer insights into what it takes to succeed.

Find the tour that best suits your group or create your own!


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Find the tour that best suits your group or create your own!

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