Teacher Benefits

At Global Service Adventures, we can’t express enough how much we value and admire your passion for shaping young minds. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our one-of-a-kind Teacher Benefits program, designed exclusively for our GSA programs.

Teachers Travel Free

Picture this - when you book a GSA trip and register 15 or more students, you get to travel absolutely free! And it gets better - for every additional 8 participants, you earn another free spot. So bring along your trusty assistants or fellow educators and embark on this incredible journey together!

Global Explorer Rewards

We believe in showering our fantastic partners (yes, that's you!) with well-deserved rewards. As you lead your students on a GSA adventure, you'll earn valuable Global Explorer Rewards for each participant in your group. Gather those points and redeem them for an array of enticing goodies, from Workshops & conferences and travel scholarships to cash rewards and fancy tour upgrades. The more you explore with us, the more rewards you'll unlock - it's that awesome!

Training Weekends

Calling all first-time GSA Group Leaders - we've got something special in store for you. How about being our guest for a training weekend in the vibrant land of Jamaica? This experience is all about making you feel confident and ready to lead your tour like a pro. Trust us, once you've experienced a GSA program firsthand, you'll be pumped up and raring to go!

Large Group Bonus

For those of you leading large groups (25 or more participants), we've got a surprise bonus waiting for you. You'll earn extra Global Explorer Rewards points that can be used for GSA conferences, travel scholarships, cash rewards, and tour upgrades. Your exceptional efforts in inspiring countless young minds certainly deserve a big shout-out!

Single Rooms

Who doesn't love some me-time during a fantastic trip? When you lead a group of at least 10 participants, you'll get to enjoy the luxury of your very own room. It's a well-deserved retreat after days of thrilling exploration.

Referral Bonus

Hey, good news travels fast! Spread the word about Global Service Adventures to your fellow educators, and we'll make sure you get rewarded. Global Explorer Rewards points or even up to $1000 when your referred friend or colleague completes a life-changing trip with us. Sharing the joy of exploration has never been more rewarding!

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