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If you’re looking for a unique teen travel experience, then come join us at Global Service Adventures. These authentic and immersive service learning programs offer a combination of community service, adventure, and culturally enriched activities. Whether it’s sports, working with children, environment & conservation or community development, or just spending time outdoors in nature; there are many options for thrilling adventures!

The teen years are a time of great change and formation, which is why we work so closely with our students to create life-changing experiences. The GSA program was developed to help shape the future success of teen travelers to become great leaders and global thinkers.

We understand that this passage from childhood to adulthood is a defining moment for many of our youth. That’s why we offer programs that help develop their sense of independence, while also allowing them the opportunity to move outside their comfort zone by engaging with people from other cultures and have fun doing it!



Our team has been working with teens for over a decade and we know what it takes to get them on the right track, but here are our foundational building blocks that make our teen summer programs unique.

Community Service is the foundation of our service programs. All projects are based around feedback from locals and community leaders, as well as through collaborative work with students helping to bring sustainable change.

Through interactive, culturally immersive activities, group reflections, and workshop presentations, we take pride in stretching learning beyond the classroom and in allowing students to see the world from another perspective.

We believe that learning is a lifelong process, and we strive to make sure our students leave our teen travel program with more than just memories. Interactive activities allow them not only to see the world through different lenses but also reflect on those perspectives while building meaningful relationships along the way!

There will be opportunities to explore the outdoors and go zip lining through waterfalls. Students will have free time to visit historical sites and see popular attractions. These are just some of the ways you’ll experience adventure in Jamaica and go home with memories that’ll last a lifetime!

Our summer teen travel program is designed to give students an opportunity for growth and adventure and consists of participants of comparable ages. You will spend your time with other teens from around the world who may become like brothers or sisters in this unique setting! Through adventure, fun, cultural immersion, and working on service projects, you’ll get to know each other well over the course of the program. We feel that having small groups of like-age students ultimately leads to a strong family-like bond that is the foundation of our teen program.

Students typically come on our Service Adventure programs as solo participants although friends are welcome to come together.

We divide students into small groups to form bonds with fellow participants and learn from each other’s experiences. Our 1-to-6 program leader-to-student ratio ensures clear communication while also allowing for bonding experiences. The GSA program leaders will act as mentors to students and encourage personal development and growth. Another vital component of our program is teamwork. This is absolutely essential for our project’s success. It not only ensures that the work gets done, but it also affords participants a sense of belonging when everyone pulls together to succeed in their tasks.

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