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Community Development Through Social Entrepreneurship


Program Theme: Social Entrepreneurship

Destination: Kingston, Jamaica

Duration: 8 Days

Tuition: $1,500 USD

Date: July 23 – 30, 2023

Age Group: 14 – 18

Service Hours: 30

Group Size: 20 Students & 3 Staff


In this program, you will learn how community service is a very rewarding job, and social entrepreneurship takes it a step further by using business-like approaches to solve community problems. Not only can you create meaningful change, but you can also give back to the community. By using innovative business models and strategies focused on empowering communities rather than making profits, we can come together in service of humanity as one collective unit.


Community Service

The group will identify local organizations or start-ups that are already providing services to those in need and see what problems they are facing. Explore opportunities they have identified for improvement that can be addressed through social entrepreneurship.

We will develop marketing campaigns to promote awareness about the importance of community service through social entrepreneurship. Some of the ideas include outreach activities such as creating videos and posters, writing articles or hosting events like fundraisers and competitions. Each evening, you will take time to reflect with your fellow students and program leaders on the day’s service project.


Visit the Branson Center of Entrepreneurship, one of the leading Caribbean incubation hubs for entrepreneurs. Participate in a workshop to learn about social entrepreneurship and how their business accelerator program equips entrepreneurs with the skills necessary to transform their businesses through social entrepreneurship. Visit Jamaica’s Houses of Parliament where the country’s laws and regulations are made and see a live session. See entrepreneurship in action in the Caribbean and see a study of how the Higglers who are untrained in sales, operate their businesses.

Kingston, Jamaica

Community Development Through Social Entrepreneurship


Blue Mountain and Silver Estate Tour: Blue Mountain tour is a trip of a lifetime and an amazing experience as your bus climbs the winding road in a snake-like crawl to visit the beautiful Creighton Estate. Enjoy a lecture on the history of coffee and its economic value to Jamaica. Get the feeling of doing a university course on coffee. Before you go, enjoy the sweet, creamy flavor of Arabica coffee grown locally. Next, have a picnic to enjoy a farm-to-table experience. Get guest presentations and discussions by local farmers on coffee processing. Participate in a group service learning activity about the traditional method of processing coffee. This comprehensive experience gives an in-depth look at the coffee process through a traditional lens from picking to pulping, parchment and roasting.


Your home base is located in the picturesque hills of St. Andrew overlooking the city of Kingston. This community which was once a sugar estate now has huge homes where many professionals, business owners, and retirees live. This area is known for its towering fruit trees, flora and fauna. Its serenity and beauty is ideal for hiking, jogging, or simple leisure walks.

Students will share comfortable, gender-segregated, air-conditioned dorm-style rooms with shared bathrooms. The menu served at our home base is authentic traditional Jamaican meals. They’re delicious, fresh, and made with love!

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Kingston, Jamaica

Community Development Through Social Entrepreneurship

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