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Community Vision: Building & Renovation Project


Program Theme: Building & Renovation / Community Development 

Destination: Manchester, Jamaica

Duration: 8 Days

Tuition: $1,400 USD

Date: July 23 – 30, 2023

Age Group: 14 – 18

Service Hours: 30

Group Size: 20 Students & 3 Staff


Build Relationships, Instill Hope, and Foster Community Development in the Heart of Rural Jamaica 

Your home base will be in the farming community of Walderston. When you arrive, the first things that will catch your eyes are miles upon endless rows of crops. The natural terrain will be clearly visible with its scattered farms and lush jungles. You will be blanketed by the warm sunshine and breeze from the mountains that will have you pinching yourself and wondering if this green oasis could be real!

Community development is the focal point as you will be assisting in building and renovation initiatives that will help bring stability and sustainability to the warm and welcoming local people in the village. 


Community Service

While the island of Jamaica is stunning in its natural beauty, unfortunately, there is more under the surface than meets the eye. Lack of infrastructure and resources leads to recurring problems that inhibit social and economic growth in the community. 

You will be a major vehicle for change in your work on this program. To combat the poor conditions of many of the villages’ structures, you will participate in building & renovation projects that will serve to beautify and make the spaces more functional. 

Hear from some of the most inspiring people in our community on how they are tackling social issues.

Lastly, you will have the chance to assist in community development as it relates to local children – assisting in the teaching of literacy, numeracy, and social skills. 

Hands-On Learning

You will learn about agriculture by spending time with local farmers by working in the field and by attending presentations and discussions. Also, hear about the challenges that local farmers face across Jamaica.

After taking part in an experiential cooking tour, you will have the opportunity to learn more about Jamaica’s rich heritage and tasty, local cuisine. You’ll also learn more about the pulsing sounds of Reggae music that have swept the world in popularity. After that participate in some fun and rhythmic dance movements!

Manchester, Jamaica

Community Vision: Building & Renovation Project


Uncover why Jamaica is called the land of wood and water. Take a zipline and canopy tour through the lush and stunning vegetation or admire the beauty of the rainforest as you rope swing into the base of a waterfall. Trek on a community hike where you are sure to be greeted by local farmers, goats and have your breath taken away by the beautiful countryside. 

Another thrilling experience will be visiting the local market. This will be an eye-opening experience for you! You’ll get a chance to see what life is like in this bustling hub where food, social and cultural exchanges happen throughout all four seasons.


Your home base is a historical estate set on a 24-acre farm with beautiful mountains serving as its backdrop. This accommodation is located in the village of Walderston, Manchester a farming community known for its serenity and beauty. The estate is just 10 minutes from Mandeville, making it in the center of Jamaica and very close and convenient to all projects on the program. The students will share comfortable, gender-segregated, dorm-style rooms with shared bathrooms. The home base delivers a cozy, “at home feeling” and is newly renovated with many Western amenities. 

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Manchester, Jamaica

Community Vision: Building & Renovation Project


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